Portable Infantry Target System IRBIS AX

The IRBIS shooting training set is an innovative and autonomous product created specially for the shooting programs in the district, civilian shooting ranges and special units.

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Opis produktu

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, our design department has created a new series of devices perfect for conducting various, dynamic exercises, which directly translates into a significant improvement in both the possibilities and quality of shooting training.

IRBIS AX is distinguished by the possibility of mounting four handles for different movements of the cell! This solution allows the replacement up to four devices.


The device is easy to use due to its integrated wireless control: it requires a power source (via a battery or AC adapter) and mounting the blade in the mounting bracket for proper operation. The set base enabling the attachment of the target as well as the battery power supply; with additional cover, a lighting lamp and removable wheels facilitates attached, the movement of all the necessary elements for dynamic exercises is as easy as never. In the case of shooting ranges not guarded at night, it greatly simplifies the transport of the set to the warehouse.

Remote control

Remote control allows to easily communicate with the device and reception of the target hits information. The Mesh network technology used allows to communicate with the target not being within the operator’s range via sending information through another device, which extends and stabilizes the range of the system. The set can be enhanced with a tablet containing application allowing the user to control over their units and creating own shooting programs!