Remote control pilot

The remote control pilot allows controlling targets of the IRBIS series. The Mesh network technology used allows to communicate with the target not being within the operator’s range via sending information through another device, which extends and stabilizes the range of the system.

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Opis produktu

The remote control pilot is very light due to the durable ABS plastic used in housing production. By using special components and energy-saving solutions (like automatic turn-off od the backlight and the remote control after a set time) we achieved very long working time of the device.

The remote control enables: 

  • showing and hiding targets in a single, group and defined groups programs, controlling the target lighting output: switching the output on or off,
  • changing the continuous light mode to intermittent (fire imitation)
  • setting the target auto-revealing mode after its being hit
  • setting internal hit sensor sensitivity
  • setting target hit signalisation


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