Pop Up Target for Shooting

The lifter is designed for raising and lowering shooting targets or combat figures through a remote control integrated into the housing; the product is ideally suited for training and shooting exercises.

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Opis produktu

Range Movement of 90°: both vertical and horizontal. Durable and high-quality metal connectors ensure quick and easy operation as well as the connection of a lighting lamp (in continuous or intermittent modes, the latter being implemented for gunshots imitation), external hit sensor or contact disc. The device’s built-in protection disconnects the power supply when the batteries are discharged.

The device is additionally equipped with a power switch located outside the range of the blade’s movement, under the mounting bracket, in order to ensure safety and comfort of use. The serrated surface of the handle and two screws with wing nuts ensure stable mounting of the shooting target with wooden legs. Special cutouts enable the attachment of dedicated bent combat figures (not requiring wooden legs).

Internal hit sensor

The device has been equipped with an internal hit sensor, thanks to which the operation of the set will become even easier! The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted remotely using the remote control pilot. This solution constitutes a novelty on the Polish market!